Yesterday, I lost my shit…..

God knows what went on in my head yesterday morning, maybe I got out on the wrong side of the bed, maybe I was hormonal, maybe I was a lot of things.

But one thing’s for sure – what I wasn’t, was nice to my Tradie.

You won’t even believe what it was over………

He put 2 beach towels in our bathroom to use after showering, not bath towels. FFS!!!

So, off I went on a big rant at him – ‘You don’t care about my rules, why don’t you listen to what I say? These things are important to me, and you just don’t care! Why the hell would you do that? Blah, blah, expletive, blah!’

Wow Lady – what the actual eff?

Does it really matter, what type of towels you dry your body with? Does it really really matter?

Of course it doesn’t. But guess how you felt after this OTT, ridiculous non-sensical fit of rage? Like an absolute cow of the highest order.

So, an hour later, what do I do? I text the Tradie, full of apologies stating I didn’t know what had gotten into me, and what I really thought the outburst was about, was that I was worried about his business.

So, why do we do this? Or am I the only one? What part of us feels that it’s ok to just let go of emotion like that at someone?

It’s safety. It’s comfort. It’s the fact that all that stress we carry needs to go somewhere, and hey – you husband – you look like a good dumping ground!! Get ready for the female storm!!!

I often talk about ‘doing a bit of maintenance’ – on self, on our business, and on our relationships. It really does make a massive difference.

Then I went on to reflect on the fact that I had not checked myself in for ‘a bit of self maintenance’ for some time.

There are multiple reasons this is important, and here are the reasons I believe this is so:

1. None of us have got ALL of our shit together – there are the little niggles in all of us that need ironing out – and sometimes, it’s not until we talk to a neutral 3rd party, that we realise these niggles are just sitting there, like little gremlins in our psyche, ready to attack!

2. Our loved ones don’t need to feel the wrath of the female storm all the time. We need another outlet, again – someone we can’t hurt with our words – is a good place to dump that stuff rather than our nearest and dearest.

3. Tradies are not always ‘feeling, emotional’ beings – and they really are the practical part of our relationships. They see things in process, logic, and problem solving. And this is what makes them super awesome, because the make things more simple than many of we females. So, they are not always going to get it, or have the energy to get it – so we need to stop expecting this of them all the bloody time – give the poor dude a rest (I know I need to) – and go see a kinesiologist, or a counsellor to get this stuff off your chest.

So, I recommend, find someone you click with – check yourself in at least every couple of months – and have a good grease and oil change, maintain your mind, body, and emotional state – care for yourself, it is amazing.

If you want to meet an amazing kinesiologist you can utilise online, drop me an email at – would love to share.

Love yourselves ladies! Love yourselves.


Kate M



  1. Merrin

    I’m guilty of doing this…all too often! I even threw an empty toilet paper roll in his direction cuz he didn’t throw it out haha. I have 4 kids, my husband runs his own plumbing company. Shit gets real, like 24/7/365. Thanks for the refreshing read and reminder! 🤗

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