Shove it in your RAS

Have you ever decided that you were going to buy a certain car – and then – every time you are out and about – all you see is that freaking car everywhere?

Or, when you decided you wanted to have kids and were trying to conceive a child – all you see are pregnant women?

Yep! That is your Reticular Activation System or RAS 

This part of your body is your brain’s bodyguard.


Basically – this is a very small part of your brain that filters through the information in your life that is important for survival and coping, and blocks out the other insignificant crap that it does not need.

So how is this relevant? Well – if you don’t write down goals and become more clear about the direction you want to pursue – your brain doesn’t like it – and it wastes a whole lotta time trying to sort through thousands of messages daily that could be related to your business and how it runs.

Your RAS loves it when you set a goal –  it can then focus entirely on working towards finding ways to achieve it – and it does it all subconsciously. 

That is why when you decided on cars and babies – that is all you could see around you for days and weeks afterwards – because you set a goal around it.

Energy flows where focus goes – so your brains energy will focus on the clear goals you set yourself.

Just another reason that a good Strategic Business Plan – even just a one pager – can be the difference between where you are now and getting to where you want to be.

Love to help you out with this! 

KM xxx

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