Inspector woes

Last night my husband came home and he was beside himself after a day of frustrations – a job that was being inspected on handover day – was not passed by the inspector……

You can only imagine how much he was seeing red.

It is an interesting challenge working within the constraints of an industry that is becoming more and more litigious, more OHS driven and more bound by red tape than many other industries.

But I have to say – I am happy about the rules.

I am an avid rule follower – a good girl who was always taught ‘if you are not going to do it the right way in the first place, then don’t do it al all’

My husband on the other hand, despises the rules, and, like many, grew up in the trade, where, he was often taught to cut corners to get the job done more quickly or on budget. 

I perish the thought!

But there are 3 woes that many tradies experience when dealing with the dreaded ‘Inspector’


1) No having a clear outline and direction of issues that need to be rectified – or why 2)- including timeliness of inspection reports coming back so that the job can move forward or be handed over – frustration!
2) Also, the amount of time it takes for the permits to be issued – when you are on a deadline to start a project, this can be the difference between profit or loss

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