How to STAND OUT in the crowd

There is nothing fun or exciting about this bookshelf. Is there? 

To be frank – it is as bland as batshit.

So, are you one of the books on the bookshelf that blends in with every other book out there on the market – or are you here to pack a PUNCH?

You need a UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION for your business – like NOW….

There are a tonne of benefits for creating a USP for your business

The reason you want one, is that you need to be unique and different to other sin your market. When you make an outlandish claim that you can deliver on – people want to see you deliver on that!

In the Trades industry, there are so many pain points that your clients stress over when ‘buying’ from you.

I went to my ‘people’ who are users of your services, and you should have seen the long list of things they came back with as the ‘issues’ they have with dealing with trades.

  • Being on time
  • Rushing the job therefore not producing quality work
  • Not trusting that you are doing what you said you would do
  • Fear of being ripped off
  • Fear of you doing things that they don’t need done just for the sake of the sale
  • Lack of cleanliness
  • Lack of respect in their home and for their things

If you want to stand out, you will develop a stunning USP that addresses one or more of these things for your business.

What this does is secures the status of your business as the head in your industry.

This leads to greater loyalty from clients, greater profits due to margin improvement and greater client numbers – all massive benefits for any business. 

Because people also say ‘I am happy to pay for a quality job, by people I trust, if it is done on time’

Building a USP is a great way to get laser focus in your business too – it sets up the culture of your team and how they deliver, and makes you strive for the excellence you want your business to be known for.

Happy USPeeing Tradies!

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