Forget Everything and RUN

In business – we need to get comfortable with change. We want to turn our business, and ourselves as people from a caterpillar into a butterfly. What do you think prevents people from changing?


I’m telling you – it’s FEAR.


The thing that stops people from moving forward and to changing is fear. So what? Do we just Forget Everything And Run? Is that what fear stands for? Forget Everything And Run? Just go. Forget about progress, forget about being better – throw our hands up and say ‘I’m done! It’s too hard!’ I’m too scared to change.


The thing about that is, fear also stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is not a tangible. Can you touch fear? Is it real? Is it actually a thing that is in front of you?


No – it is not – it is your MIND playing tricks on you and creating something from nothing.


If there was a snake running across in front of you right now, what would you do? You would bloody piss off pretty fast, wouldn’t we?


Jump out a window. For sure!! That FEAR is REAL.


It’s fair enough to be fearful of the snake, isn’t it? Our brain will goes through the fight flight response to get us the hell out of there so we are not hurt. But fear of the unknown, which is what we experience when we’re scared of change,it’s something that we’re not sure of.


This is what will hold you in the place you are already in – Fear of the unknown.

What holds you back and why does this fear exist? It’s bullshit stories that you’re telling in your own brain. It is the little voices at every step that tell you ‘I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve this, I don’t know what I am doing, what right do I have to think I can be anything more?’


The interesting thing is, most people aren’t scared of failure. Most people are actually scared of success. The ask ‘what’s it mean for me if I actually make this thing work? Who am I gonna be friends with? What’s my house gonna look like? What school are my children gonna go to? How much am I going to be working?’


‘Holy shit!’, you think. And all of a sudden, every ounce of you becomes challenged. So most people actually are not scared of really royally stuffing it. They’re scared of succeeding.


‘What if we do go next level? Shit, what if we do just push that a little bit harder? Does that mean that I’m gonna have to work 80 hours a week? Does it mean that I’m gonna have all these people running around, and I’m gonna not be able to keep them under control?’


Sound familiar? Yep – because these are the little voices you have manufactured in your mind.


The thing about you though – as a business owner or entrepreneur – is – that you have NOT ‘Forgotten Everything And Run’.

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