Finding the right staff

5 Ways to Rid Yourself of Self Doubt

When searching for people to bring into your business, and setting up recruitment – you want to find people who are going to sign up to your Vision, who are actually going to go over and above for you, put in extra time, and effort, to deliver what you’re actually dreaming of delivering.


Don’t get us wrong. You are never going to find someone who is as dedicated or committed to doing their job as you are as the business owner – that is just not realistic, but what you do want it to find someone who wants to enlist in your dreams with you – alongside you.


What you put out to the market, community and your customers – is exactly what you are going to attract back.


So at risk of being controversial here – are you finding you are only attracting dickheads who are unreliable?


Sooooo……what does the mirror tell us about who we are and how we conduct business?


High quality businesses attract high quality people. Pure. And. Simple.


Does your business look sexy to everybody else? Or does it look like it’s just surviving? Does your business look like it’s on an absolute mission to success and to getting somewhere amazing? Or does it just look average? Do people rave about how you deliver service? Or are they neither here nor there about it?


If you don’t have a really professional ad, whether that be on a professional website or online, or in a newspaper even, if you’ve just got some little pissy thing that nobody cares about, you’re going to get little pissy people that nobody wants to employ into your business.


So, splash a little bit out there to make sure you’re attracting the right people, put your best foot forward every time, and reflect on who you are and what you’re putting out to the community. Because at the end of the day – this image is the exact type of person you are going to attract back as employees.



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