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How to Tame your Tradie

How to Tame a Tradie – A Business Retreat for Ladies with Tradies
So, got a Tradie who you can’t get through to lady? Well wait in line!! Don’t we all!!??

You are all motivated, ready to take on the world, and get this Tradie business’s shit sorted yeah? He’s got all the potential in the world that isn’t being realised and YOU are gunna fix it ALL right??

BUT – no matter how hard you try, you feel like you are pushing shit up hill with him and the business.
You feel resentful because you don’t know your place because he won’t work with you to define it!
All your ideas for the Tradie fall on deaf ears, and you don’t even know why the two of you are even in business anymore – it’s so bloody hard – no money, no time, no fun. It seems never ending!

Problem is ladies – men and women are wired differently – so we might as well be speaking in martian to them – they won’t hear our pleas & attempts to get things working – because they only hear you in ‘wife nagging voice’ – which let me tell you – does NOT work in business!

It’s time to Lady up. Time to take some control over what is happening and work WITH the Tradie. Time to take some responsibility for what is happening and YOUR side of it – what you can change in YOU, so that he actually LOVES talking with you. Instead of ducking for cover every time he walks into your home office.

What if we could show you the way to get him communicating with you? To really hear what you have to say when you are trying to help? What if you were the silver bullet to the success of your business – all it took was the right tools, and the right mindset? What if we showed you the LOGICAL not emotional way of getting his attention?

What could you achieve TOGETHER?