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Welcome to Ladies with Tradies Blog.

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This is our first blog so we will take the time to introduce ourselves and what we do. 


We were Founded in 2017.  We started the business Ladies with Tradies because we had a business coach in business, we had ActionCOACH certification and we were tending to attract couples in business. Then it dawned on us, that couples in trades business were the people we needed to help. Because at the end of the day, i am you!


I am not going to baffle you with info about how impressive I am or any of that garbage – I just want to help you understand why I have decided that TRADIES are my TRIBE.

Basically – I get it. And I don’t want any of you, your kids, or your friends and family, to have to watch your Tradies slogging their guts out for as long or as hard as I have witnessed in my life.

I am the wife of a Tradie, and I am the daughter of a Tradie Business owner. It actually makes me cry watching how hard they work and have worked over the years. Exhausted, dirty, hands bleeding, all for minimal profit – I call it……… SLAVERY.

I remember as a little girl wishing Dad was at the footy and netball on a weekend, or wishing he could do activities with us


after school….but no, he had to work in his business… it didn’t happen often – he missed out on it.

Now don’t take me as an ungrateful brat who should take a hard look at herself here – I am far from that. What breaks my heart is HE missed it. HE lost out. Not us, it was just part of how we grew up – so we knew no different. 

I watch him now with his grandchildren, spending time, because he has his life back, and watch the love and adoration and TIME he pours into them – because he doesn’t want to give that up again.

And I know that you want that for your Tradie NOW, not when he is a grandparent…..or older.

And holidays – how good would a family holiday be here and there – for more than a few days – totally away from the business!??

Who would have thought?

And I know that you would do ANYTHING to support your Tradie, to get his life back, and to build the life that he deserves with you and his family.

So ladies – this is why you and your Tradies are my people – you are real, you are raw, and you work so hard to make a living – and I to help you make it a SENSATIONAL LIFE – not just a living.


So, if any of this struck a nerve and made you say ‘yes, that is us!’ – then stick around, hop onto our facebook page – and let me help you build a life you Ladies with Tradies deserve.



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