Hey there ladies! But also a big hello to any Tradies who have dropped by to see what we are all about! 

I am not going to baffle you with info about how impressive I am or any of that garbage – I just want to help you understand why I have decided that TRADIES are my TRIBE.

Basically – I get it. And I don’t want any of you, your kids, or your friends and family, to have to watch your Tradies slogging their guts out for as long or as hard as I have witnessed in my life.

I am the wife of a Tradie (that’s my husband in the pic – with our tough dogs) , and I am the daughter of a Tradie Business owner. It actually makes me cry watching how hard they work and have worked over the years. Exhausted, dirty, hands bleeding, all for minimal profit –                    I call it……… SLAVERY.

I remember as a little girl wishing Dad was at the footy and netball on a weekend, or wishing he could do activities with us after school….but no, he had to work in his business…..so it didn’t happen often – he missed out on it.

Now don’t take me as an ungrateful brat who should take a hard look at herself here – I am far from that. What breaks my heart is HE missed it. HE lost out. Not us, it was just part of how we grew up – so we knew no different. 

I watch him now with his grandchildren, spending time, because he has his life back, and watch the love and adoration and TIME he pours into them – because he doesn’t want give that up again.

And I know that you want that for your Tradie NOW, not when he is a grandparent…..or older.

This is Cuzo, my dad with his 3 daughters – enjoying watching the Tigers in the finals! Finally enjoying life and time with his family.

And holidays – how good would a family holiday be here and there – for more than a few days – totally away from the business!??

Who would have thought?

And I know that you would do ANYTHING to support your Tradie, to get his life back, and to build the life that he deserves with you and his family.

So ladies – this is why you and your Tradies are my people – you are real, you are raw, and you work so hard to make a living – and I to help you make it a SENSATIONAL LIFE – not just a living.

So, if any of this struck a nerve and made you say ‘yes, that is us!’ – then stick around, hop onto our facebook page – and let me help you build a life you Ladies with Tradies deserve.